Hey, I'm Reza 👋🏻

A person who loves to teach and yearns to learn.

I'm a Back-end Developer and also an Open-Source Lover.

I have started programming 5 years ago and obviously I have about 5 years of experience :)

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Here Are My Skills 📊

When I was a child I was interested to know how do computers work, then I figured out about programming and I started coding with PHP.

I kept learning with PHP and MySQL for 2-3 years and then I started to learn Laravel.

In this time sometimes I read about Front-End.

After this works when I got acquainted with Open-Source community I loved it and I tried to learn Git.

And now I'm Here as a TALL-Stack Developer :)

Now, My projects! 🔆

As I said, I'm big fan of Open-Source and I work on Open-Source projects more than other projects :)

But don't be afraid, except Open-Source projects I have developed more than 30 projects, such as Telegram Bots, Websites and Web Services.

I usually use PHP/Laravel to develop my websites projects and PHP Pure to develop Telegram Bots.

Stay in touch 🗣

I'm active in social medias like: Telegram & Twitter :))

It means you can find me in Telegram and Twitter.

I'm so existed to do your remote project so I'm ready to work remotely.

Oh, let me tell You my email: rezaaminiroyal@gmail.com You can send email,
be sure I will reply your messages as fast as possible.